Turn Dreams Into Reality, Get Started Now !!!

Let’s admit, there is no one size fits all solution. We all have unique aspirations & goals that require customized solutions. We are here to understand your needs and help you achieve your goals by designing the perfect portfolio. Choose from the below services; we are happy to help you get started !!!

Financial Planning
Wealth Accelerator
Retirement Planning
Financial Education
Cash Flow Planning
Loan Restructuring
Insurance Need Analysis
Tax Planning

Our Approach

We Provide...

  • Evaluate your Current Financial Life
  • Review of Existing Financial Instruments
  • Define goals and aspirations
  • Evaluate viability of goals and assign priority
  • Formulate a Financial Plan to achieve financials goals
  • Define a Investment Policy Statement – Ideal Asset Allocation, Monitoring Frequency and Re-balancing Mechanism
  • Risk Mitigation – Study of current insurance policies, Insurance Need-Based/ Income replacement Analysis and contingency planning
  • Loan Management – Study of Current Loans and Debt Restructuring
  • Cash Flow and Net Worth Optimization

We stay away from...

  • Guaranteed returns on instruments that you invested by you
  • Hot stock buying or intra-day trading tips
  • Timing stock market investments
  • Constant churn of portfolio every month or quarter. We believe in reviewing the portfolio once a year or on any significant change in your circumstances
  • We don’t provide Tax filing or tax due calculations. We provide efficient tax planning for investments
  • Get rich quick schemes

Our Fees

Comprehensive Financial Planning

For Resident Individuals

  • 1st Year Fee – Rs. 15,000/- 
  • Renewal Fee – Rs. 8,000/-

For Non – Resident Individuals

  • 1st Year Fee – Rs. 18,000/-
  • Renewal Fee – Rs. 10,000/-

The fees is payable in advance and fees are subject to increase over the years.

The Details

  • Complete Financial Plan covering Contingency Planning, Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning, Cash Flow & Net Worth Analysis, Retirement Planning, Goal Planning & Debt Restructuring.
  • Fees are designed for 20 Hours of work for financial planning and gives you access to financial advice through the year.  
  • We start with 5 to 7 hours of discussions to understand your financial situation, goals & aspirations.
  •  Once the data is collected we work on preparing a plan to meet your aspirations and share a draft with you.
  • The final plan is shared post discussions and changes, if any.